London Calling

Well, London's not exactly calling, it's more like New York City is NOT calling. I've gotten a little sick of being a NYC rat and for the first time I'm wondering what it would be like to live and work elsewhere. Most everyone has the experience of moving away from the place where they were born but I've been in New York City almost my whole life.

So here I am, in East London, trying to figure out how to make a go of it. I was in London this past January to scope it out and also attend a course at the National Film & Television School. And it seemed like there might be a need for a creative producer in the British East Asian theatre community. So I thought perhaps I could organize a series of staged readings of Asian-American plays, or perhaps I could re-create Take Two in London. Take Two, Part 2? 

If you're curious about my adventures, I've been uploading sort of an occasional London photo diary on my personal blog

And in other news, I just went on a wee promotional tour of ALMOST HOME: TAIWAN, taking along a resistance art project called Art for a Free Taiwan.  

Oh, and I started working on a web series about NYC in which I take a walk around the block with someone who's lived on that block for over 10 years. I just put something up about it on this website here. It's a valentine the New York I love, but it also seems a bit like a farewell. I guess we shall see. 

Yes, I tend to keep myself busy. And broke. 

Not exactly London - this is Beaconsfield where I took a documentary shooting course back in January.