Long time, no post

Sorry if you've been watching this page with bated breath for an update (not...) I've been writing posts, but they've all been on Facebook and ALMOST HOME: TAIWAN. That's what I've mostly been working on since July. You can find out what I've been doing by clicking on News. Or to sum up, I just got back from screening a sneak preview of the fine cut in Boston, San Francisco and Seattle. Some pics here. Next up is a conference in South Carolina in July. Hope to have an even better cut of the film by then. More news on this soon! (Promise!) 

Besides working ALMOST HOME, I also was in London this past January, where I took a documentary shooting course at the National Film & Television School.  I  also went to the Berlinale to drum up some interest in the film. I've been thinking a lot about Europe. New York City seems so played out. 

And so does theater. Haven't really done much, except write a few proposals to get BIG FLOWER EATER or DISPOSSESSED going that have been rejected. But I did just go see HERE LIES LOVE at the Public and it's amazing. My review here