Hello from Berlin

I've been rather remiss about updating this website. Last year, I moved to London and then Almost Home: Taiwan was accepted to the Visions du Réel Festival. This coincided with an invitation from North American Taiwanese Women's Association (NATWA) to speak at their annual conference, which was taking place in San Diego. I was still depressed and felt like some sunshine would probably do me good. So a supportive London friend bought me tickets to go hopping from London --> NYC --> California --> Switzerland and back in the space of two weeks.

It started off fantastic: NATWA was, as usual, so incredibly affrmative. And I never knew the Alps were that beautiful. And Sheffield Doc Fest acepted the film to their Videotheque and a theatre company in London said they wanted to talk to me about a production in June. I got on the plane back to London excited about everything and feeling like things were finally looking up. But...the border patrol at Luton Airport decided to deny me entry to the UK. You can read all about it on my blog. I was rather devastated. After bopping around France for a month, not knowing what to do, I decided to come to Berlin. So here I am.

It took a little while to get back on my feet and I'm still not entirely there. I'm also still not entirely sure what I'm doing here. But I've been getting back on stage as Viva Lamore and I just recently helped two amazing musicians make a few music videos. This is the first one: Zaatari by Roland Satterwhite and Milo, who is a guitarist from Syria. It's already gotten more than 7,500 views on facebook! I did the video projections. Don't know why the first image is so blurry; the video itself is sharp. Check it out - it's a gorgeous song!