Photo by Don Spiro. Styling by Victoria Linchong.

Photo by Don Spiro. Styling by Victoria Linchong.


A high benefit conceived by Jamie Hook and Victoria Linchong, produced by Victoria Linchong

Direct Arts invites you to imagine an alternate utopian universe - one where tax dollars go towards arts and education, rather than war and imprisonment... one where artists making intimate, articulate, relevant theater and film can not only survive but thrive... one where minority artists and their stories are considered both viable and necessary to the mainstream. Direct Arts celebrates this vision at The Direct Arts World's Fair, a retro-futuristic event to benefit their intercultural theater and film programs in 2011-2012.

Featuring a multimedia recreation of Billy Rose's 1939 Aquacade starring Jenny Rocha and Her Painted Ladies, Al Gori's Homespun Merry-Go-Round, DJ Jaiko Suzuki and the edifying antics of the Philanthrobot.

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