The ensemble at the opening of the play. ​
 Jojo Gonzalez and Kitty Mei-Mei Chen. ​
 Carl Li, Jojo Gonzalez and Ming Chan. ​
 Avery Pearson and Jojo Gonzalez. ​
 Jojo Gonzalez and Carl Ka-Ho Li. ​
 Jojo Gonzalez as Ching Gung in front of projection of California miners. ​
 Ming Chan and Hansel Tan. ​
 Ming Chan and a projection of one of the poems carved on the Angel Island barrack walls.
 Andrea Day as the missionary, Miss Gregory, in front of archival image of detained Chinese women on Angel Island.
 ​Audience at Portsmouth Square in San Francisco's Chinatown.
 The cast of PAPER ANGELS. ​
 Playwright Genny Lim joins the cast in a bow. ​
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